God Does Not Reward

Since I have accepted and allowed that I am a fractal of God in human form, I have discovered that God does not reward some and withhold from others. God is not on your side and only on mine. The idea that God rewards humans if they are good and pray hard enough is a childish idea from some kindergarten book written from an unrealized human mind. What is the truth?

It seems to me from my experience being a piece of God in an actionable human form that the truth is that humans reward themselves as Co-Creators with God, with the Infinite Creator. Humans, like God, have the ability to intend a thing into manifestation and can reward themselves. How is this done?

From my experience as a Co-Creator rewarding himself, I use my Co-Creative power of intention, that is, the ability to create, to bring a thing about. It’s an inside job inside me. My intention comes from within me as I was designed by the Infinite Creator. I use my mind, my emotions, my soul, my Spirit to manifest. This ability to intend is in every human to use. Why don’t humans use it?

Humans don’t use their intention because they have been brainwashed to believe they are not supposed to have this power by religion and religious authorities. These authorities say the power is in Jesus and you have to go through Jesus to be saved. They are liars, disingenuous and misguided. Humans don’t have to listen to religion or religious authorities and believe they can’t or shouldn’t intend their reality into being. Intention is God given, not man given. Intention is natural and inherent to humans.

To use intention simply decide what you want, ask for it and then let it go. Don’t keep asking, don’t obsess. Obsession blocks intention. Trust your intention.


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