Finally, The Truth About Existence Is Revealed

I will finally reveal the truth about existence as it seems to me. What is this existence all about?

From my experience with existence, I have realized it as release and not a holding onto, not a collecting of. For example, let’s take Love. In my experience, when you Love, you are releasing, not pulling toward you, not holding onto. You are letting go of. The same applies to money. More money is drawn to you as you release it. I did not say foolishly spend it, I said wisely release it as in not holding onto it like a penny pincher. When you are afraid of releasing your money, you are blocking its flow and more of it will not flow to you. Being out of the flow of the cycle of earning money and not releasing it hardens your body, mind and emotions. This does not mean giving all your money away. It means the mindset of release and not being afraid of tithing, donating, lending, giving your money to worthy people and causes.

The concept of release is used by the Infinite Creator too. After the Infinite Creator manifests a physical reality, it let’s it go, it releases it because the Infinite Creator is in it and it doesn’t leave it behind. The Infinite Creator creates itself and releases itself that it may experience itself in its release.

I have found the Infinite Creator to be in all manifestation including inside me and it is here, inside me, as me and gives me free will to experience the vagaries and vicissitudes of physical and non-physical life. It releases me and is me at the same time. This is both the mystery, paradox and the ultimate truth about existence. I am here to gather awareness and release it at the same time. The more aware I become, the more that awareness enhances everything and everyone around me as I lead by example and speak my truth.


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