An Answer to “What Is God?”

It seems to me that the majority of humanity does not know God even as it professes to be ultra-religious, ultra-spiritual. Why is this?

The reason, I find, that most of humanity has no idea what God really is is because of how much conceptualization humanity has loaded into what God is, all the connotation and denotation, does not know that God is NOTa man in the sky, in heaven, sees God as an ideation, not a direct experience and does not believe THEY are God having a Beingness experience. What IS God then?

God, from my experience being a piece of God, not an idea of what God is, is BOTH a manifest and unmanifest field of all potential and possibilities. God is consciousness and beingness at the same time. It is physical and spiritual at the same time. I perceive myself as a microcosmic piece of the macrocosmic energy of God. I am God plus ego which equals a man. God is me, not ALL of God, but a fractal of God but God nonetheless and as such, I am having a direct experience of God and not just an idea, thought or belief of God as some interpretation of what I THINK God is.

I am God in human form and so is everyone and everything in the manifest existence. God is not “over there” somewhere. God is right “here,” in me, as me, with me, for me. I behave like infinite field of infinite potential and possibilities, unlimited with an abundance mindset and that is what God IS.


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