Addictive But No Addictions

My astrological sign is Aquarius/Pisces cusp, a sign that indicates a tendency toward an addictive nature, yet, I have never had an addiction. I have never been addicted to sex, exercise, drugs, alcohol, rock ‘n roll, food or anything else that controlled me where I was obsessive-compulsive. Why and why is this important for YOU?

The reason I was never addicted to anything was that I learned discipline in controlling the urges of my mind, body, emotions and Spirit. Where did this discipline come from? It started from having a natural, inordinate amount of inner drive. I wanted to be more than those in my surrounding environment wanted to be. I always sought higher ground. Please understand that this is not to say that I have been perfect with the above aspects that one can become addicted to. I have had my challenges but I over came them.

After following my inner drive to achieve more, I left my negative environment and studied performing arts in Junior High, High School, College and professionally which gave me a platform through which I disciplined my body, mind, emotions and Spirit. I learned to control my lower urges like controlling how much I ate in order to keep my body fit and trim, controlling how much energy I used in order to have enough energy for the theatre, how to deal with my emotions by delving into character analysis through portrayal of literary characters, understanding my nature through understanding human nature as displayed in the people I played in many plays, working with other actors in plays and learning how to more effectively relate with others, showing up for rehearsals and shows no matter how I felt for the show must go on, preparing for auditions and learning how to
handle rejection.

I learned all this before I turned 25 and used these disciplines in my daily life including using them as I approached my spiritual life. In my spiritual life, I went to the next level of personal power and discipline by becoming a man of knowledge through meditation, fasting, spiritual journeying, connecting with Spirit and discovering who and what I am. This was the basis of overcoming my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. I am in control of them. This is available to everyone. The control of ourselves is a preferable state I have found and it is an important part of being happy and that’s why it’s important to YOU!


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