Your Life Doesn’t Suck...You Do!

I observe many people complaining that their life sucks. From having overcome a life that sucked, I am here to advise you that your life doesn’t suck...You Do!!! What do I mean by this?

What I mean by saying that it’s not your life that sucks but YOU who sucks is that life itself is neutral. Suffering in your experiences is about you and how you think ABOUT life not about life itself. Do you think nature feels and thinks of itself as fat, stupid, worthless, ugly, etc? Does a tea rose next to a giant rose cry and say why am I so small? No. Each aspect of nature accepts itself for what it is except man. Why is that?

The reason man suffers from lack of self worth is that man’s thinking sucks and so man sucks. Life doesn’t suck...You Do.

The thinking I’m talking about is egoic thinking where man compares himself to other men or women. The mistaken and misguided notion that comes out of egoic comparing of one human to another is that one human is superior to another. This type of egoic thinking has been foisted upon humans through religions to governments. Look at the Church, look at the Nazi Regime, look at Trump’s treatment of immigrants.

This is fundamentally a flawed thought process as nature/God does not create for suffering. It creates to experience difference, variety. No human is better than another, only different. People have different bodies, ideas, thoughts, experiences based on the singular individual they are. You cannot be someone else and there is no need for you to be someone as as you are a unique creation in the Cosmos unlike anything else.

When you desire to change your life from one that you believe sucks...change your thoughts about yourself from downtrodden, negative thoughts to uplifting, positive thoughts. Instead of telling yourself negative things, tell yourself positive things. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and that you love yourself. When you change your thinking, you will do actions that reinforce that thinking. For example, if you have a lot of blemishes on your face, don’t feel bad about that. Tell yourself you love yourself in spite of those blemishes and take positive action to remove those blemishes over time.

Treat yourself with love no matter what and your life will go from sucking to succeeding. I can attest to this as I did it.


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