What Pushes Your Buttons?

It seems that, worldwide, everyone is allowing their “buttons” to be pushed. What does it mean when our “buttons” are pushed and why is it something in ourselves we want to control?

I know about “buttons” being pushed as I am human, have them and have come to a point where I press my own “buttons.” What are these “buttons”? From my experience, a “button” refers to an emotional sensitivity that one has based on previous traumatic AND happy experiences and having one’s “button’s” pushed is the triggering of these experiences by what another says or does and then reacting and being vulnerable to these emotional stimuli that call up both negative AND positive emotional responses based on how deep, painful, unhappy or ecstatic these emotional memories are. Why is it important to be aware of your “buttons”?

I have come to a place where I want to be aware (to recognize) of my emotional “buttons” and how the can be pushed as I want to release them and no longer allow myself to be a slave to them. I am not saying I have been totally successful in releasing my emotional “buttons” and I have done something that has helped me to deal with them that I may not be so reactive. What I’ve done is to look at the roots of why I react so easily to certain emotional stimuli. I saw that it was based on what I perceived as a traumatic event that I still carry in my emotional memory. It can be based on anything from money to disrespect issues that happened to you. For example, perhaps as a child you experienced your family losing it’s monetary security because your parents lost their jobs and this caused you to have a feeling of lack that stays with you and every time any kind of money issue comes up, this emotional lack is called up and your button is pushed.

What I have learned to do is know that I have an issue around certain topics and realize they are memories and I am not a slave to, not controlled by these memories. I also work on releasing these emotional memories by knowing they are true for me in a way but not real. The thing did happen but I am not beholden to let them control my life.

This introspection takes time to use as a practice of self-help so have patience and persistence and resolve to look at these emotional “buttons” anew until you can see them differently and finally  release out of your emotional memory that you are no longer at their beck and call.


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