What Is Your Capital?

I hear the word capital used mostly in expressing Capitalism as an economic system or how much capital, savings one has in the bank. Those are forms of capital and I would like to address another form of capital that is not taken but that one has to give. What is the capital you have to give and what is that capital?

The capital that I am talking about, the kind that one has to give is the kind one has expanded upon since birth as those abilities and talents one has to help leave the world a better place. I’m talking about those inner abilities that one builds upon to assist in constructing the world, not destroying it. If you believe that your abilities were meant to destroy, you are misguided. You have more work to do on yourself. I am not talking to you here. You won’t be reading this anyway. I am addressing those who have dedicated their lives to investing in their constructive talents and abilities and using them as a kind of capital to bring to the human community to advance it not deter it. Do you know what your capital is and are you using it?

For example, I consider my capital to be my consciousness and beingness of Love, Wisdom and Healing. I have worked on these aspects of myself for decades and over those decades I have built my capital, that is, strengthened and enhanced my capital by using for and investing it in others that they may feel and be loved, be wise and be healed. That’s what my capital is for. To invest. Not to hoard. I give it freely. I am not greedy. All can have it as I have an infinite supply of it because it is not physical like money, although there is nothing wrong with giving money. My nature is to give of my capital.

What is your capital and what are you doing with it?


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