The Role Of A Pathfinder

I am a pathfinder. It is a role on Earth that has allowed me to see that the frequency of this world has just shifted upward. I perceive that there is less of a manipulated Matrix effecting people now and I see that many are feeling a desire and need to find new direction in life in an effort to find peace and harmony in this new frequency world. I offer the following reasonable direction into the mass consciousness.

The best advice I can offer in this higher frequency world that is causing many to feel directionless is to look within and be guided by your heart. There is no option for any other choice including religion as religion, I can see, can only offer confusion.

I have found that one’s heart doesn’t lie. It steers one in the right direction for oneself as it is that part of humanity that is connected to soul and Spirit. What does going within mean?

It means sitting, being quiet and still and asking your heart for direction in your life that you may have peace and harmony as your soul path. Do not seek another’s heart, seek your own. It is within your own heart that you will discover everything that you need to deal with the higher frequency of reality that is upon us.

You have been asked in this new frequency reality to also take on the role of pathfinder. This may be new to many as many have relied on old energy religious beliefs to provide a path for them. There is nothing wrong with religion and religious beliefs and the problem with religion as it is today is that it is old hat, out of touch, in a lower frequency reality. It is not the role of religion to foster hierarchical beliefs onto people telling them that someone of authority is better equipped to give them spiritual leadership when spiritual leadership comes from within each person. Be your own leader...lead by your own heart.


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