The New Human Is Not Human

There are new humans who have been born on Earth and they are what is termed “new energy” and are not human. What am I talking about?

Right after World War II, there was an influx of humans born on planet Earth who were forerunners of the new humanity. These beings are the Blue Ray Beings with the consciousness of Love, Wisdom and Healing. They came in at a very dense time where humanity was fixated on a narrow consciousness. Next Came the Indigos and then the Rainbow and now the Crystal beings are here with more coming. They are all no longer human although they look human. How do I know this?

I know this because I am a Blue Ray Being and I have had close relationships with the Indigos and others and their human complex is not human. They are an upgrade to previous humans and they are in the process of changing the low-awareness human nature to a higher awareness to unconditional love, compassion, kindness, generosity, healing and wisdom.

You might ask, “If all of these new humans are here, why are there still young people killing others with guns?” There are still low-awareness human nature young people killing others with guns because they are in a last ditch effort to keep their low-awareness human nature intact. These young people represent the hold outs who don’t want to raise their consciousness to a higher level and they continue the old energy human tactics of murder, hate, intolerance, judgement, anger, divisiveness, blame, control, approval, comparison and competition. Well, the good thing is these old energy humans are going away. There time is over. The new human has prevailed as it is what is destined for Earth.

Please understand that there will still be problems on Earth because humans are not perfect. However, the vibrational level, the consciousness and awareness of humans on Earth has gotten an upgrade by the arrival of new energy humans here. We have stirred up a hornet’s nest of old energy human hold outs. These humans also will be a thing of the past. I do not mean to say they will come to harm. I am saying that their old energy consciousness will no longer be here on Earth as only the new energy human is prevailing.


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