The More You Know, The More Responsibility You Must Assume

Being a man of knowledge and I am referring to non-ordinary knowledge of Spirit, I find that the more of this powerful knowledge one has and uses, the more responsible one must be? Why is that?

I find that the use of my powerful intent, my ability to use Spirit has dire consequences for myself and others, both good and bad. For example, my intent is so powerful that my words change reality. I cannot take what I say to others lightly. I cannot use negative words like kill, damn and hate towards others because these things will happen to them. I must also be careful when I use the word Love as this is a very powerful aspect of my intent and cannot be used casually.

Now, understand, I am not the only one who has this power. All human beings have the power of using the spiritual power of words for good or ill. The problem with most humans is that they aren’t aware of their words’ power because they don’t believe that words have power and thus they have dissipated their power by giving it away to others, meaning, they use their intent, thoughts and words so casually, so mindlessly that these aspects have no power for them anymore. All these humans have is chatter not power. Words can abuse or they can heal. How do you choose to use the power of your words? How does one get this power back?

The first way to get the power of your words back is by connecting with the Spirit of life that is within you. What this means is connecting with how your body feels, what your predominant thoughts are and owning your feelings. What I am describing is the process of being mindful, that is, aware of what is really going on inside of you, especially with Spirit. Do you allow Spirit to guide you, to talk with you, to show itself to you? Spirit is all around and once you become aware of Spirit’s presence in your life, your thoughts, intent and words become more powerful because they become will no longer just throw your words around as if you are just spilling your candy in someone’s lobby.  

Be more thoughtful and aware of your knowledge, your awareness, your intent and your words will become powerful and useful allies you can use for a better life. Don’t just throw your words around as if they are meaningless.To achieve this level of awareness takes great and awesome responsibility.


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