The Mark Of A Mature Human

I have found what it is to be a “mature” human. This discovery was an overnight sensation that was 50 years in the making. What is the mark of a truly mature human, as I experience it?

From my standpoint, being a mature human entails taking responsibility for one’s actions. It’s not what you think. Let me explain. Taking responsibility for one’s actions is not saying that one alone is responsible for one’s actions and you can’t blame anyone else for what you do. That’s not it. What is it then?

What taking responsibility for one’s actions is really all about is knowing and functioning in the reality that one consciously and often unconsciously creates one’s actions with intent whether implicit or explicit. One’s intent is always working and there’s no such thing as saying you didn’t know. You do know and you may be so unaware, so unconscious that you plod along doing actions that you say you are not responsible for when you are responsible for them. Being unaware or unconscious is no excuse. As far as I am concerned, saying you were unaware and unconscious of your actions and blaming others for what you do is the sign of an immature human, that is, you haven’t invested any energy, any time in becoming more aware of yourself, your actions. You stay unconscious because you don’t care enough to become conscious. It does not occur to you to become conscious and you may not even know what being conscious and unconscious means. You don’t, as an immature human, realize what the consequences of your actions can be. You simply don’t care to know and welcome to how many humans operate: unaware, unconscious and not taking responsibility for their actions. How can we change this and what does it mean to be conscious of one’s actions?

The first way to mature as a human is to begin the process of becoming a person of knowledge. I’m not talking about getting book knowledge. I am talking about stepping on your own wisdom path and becoming a Wisdom Keeper where you will learn that you, human, are a manifestor and you, yourself, create your actions, no one else. As a Creator and yes, that’s what you are, a Creator just like God is, you create your reality and are therefore responsible for your creations.

When you finally realize and learn that you are a Creator who creates everything in your own Universe, you will be what I experience as a mature human, taking responsibility for your Creations.


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