The Importance Of Expanding One’s Awareness

From my assignment here on Earth, from the fact that I am lending my enlightened presence to Gaia and humankind, I know that humankind is at a tipping point of expanding its awareness or leaving Earth for another planet or place where they can stay in their fixated level of low awareness. What does this mean?

What this means is that the time has arrived in the evolution of mankind to either expand its awareness to a higher consciousness of Love, compassion, tolerance, peace, kindness, balance and harmony or leave the planet. When I say leave the planet, I mean leave (die) your physical body and go to a planet where low-awareness human nature is the lay of the land. If humans don’t expand their awareness here, they will not be comfortable on Earth any longer as the Earth itself will be expanding its awareness. By the way, it has already happened and the Earth and many humans are vibrating at a higher awareness.

When I say that low awareness humans will not be comfortable here, I mean that low-awareness thoughts of hate, greed, intolerance, anger, war, and murder will be shunned and shamed and those who promote and do these things will have no place to hide. They will feel like strangers in a strange land, unhappy and mortified. They will be outed but they will not be punished in the low-awareness ways such as the Death penalty or prison. They will simply see that humankind doesn’t accept these low-awareness behaviors and they will want to get out of here. Many have and are already leaving the planet in droves.

Please don’t just take my word for it. Look around the Earth and see the changes from low-awareness human nature to a higher consciousness: the rise of a global community, the me too movement, the exposure of sex-trafficking, the rise of gun control in America, the rise of more women in positions of leadership and power, the rise of more people who identify as spiritual not religious, the acceptance of the LGBTQ community and so much more expanding awareness.

If you want to stay on Earth, you are going to have to expand your awareness to the levels I described above or else you’re going to be miserable as the Earth and humans will not only no longer be in low awareness but will not tolerate low awareness behavior. If you truly want to know what hell on Earth is, just stay in low awareness.


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