The Cosmic Me. How Do I Travel When I’m Called?

As a Cosmic Wanderer, a Specialist, I don’t come from a planet, I come from a consciousness or what you could call a realm. So, what I am is a thought and when I am called from all the distant corners of the Cosmos to lend my presence to a place (planet), how do I travel?

Since my natural self is not physical and I am a consciousness, I travel the Light year distances of the Cosmos in my Light Body or you could say, through thought. When I am asked to do an assignment on a planet, as I am now doing on Earth, the call comes from The All That Is in the form of a thought and when I agree to take on an assignment (which is all the time), I travel by my thought. What does this mean?

It means that I think myself in a place and I am there. I don’t travel in so-called space ships, although I have. I travel by thought. Why is this ability of mine to travel by thought significant to all humankind?

My ability to travel by thought is significant to humankind because humankind can do this as well. The reason this seems impossible to do for humans is that they believe the imagination is fake, not real when in fact the imagination is a powerful tool of manifestation. In my traveling through the vast spaces of the Cosmos, I just imagine myself in a place and I am then “born” there in whatever avatar form is the predominant one on the planet, human or otherwise. From my thought, I take on an actionable form through which I can be present to lend this presence to the planet I am called to. Most planets in this Universe have Beings with the Adam Kadmon Body (human looking) but there are planets where there are not these types of bodies.

The use of thought to travel is quite an experience. All humans have this skill. It’s just that humans are afraid to consciously use this ability because of pre-conceived notions that traveling by thought is evil, spooky, weird, etc. The imagination is real. Use it to expand your horizons.


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