Saying You’re Spiritual, Not Relgious

I sense a growing movement across society of people who are now identifying as “spiritual, not religious.” That’s all good and fine and what exactly are you saying when you say you are “spiritual, not religious”?

I really don’t know what others experience when they say they are “spiritual, not religious” and I do know what it is for me and I’d like to share that with you that it may resonate with you or not.

When I express that I am “spiritual, not religious,” I am telling of my direct connection with the consciousness of The All That Is or what others call God by an infinite number of names from Yahweh to Jehovah. I am not talking about Creator Gods. I am talking about the One SELF that I and everything else is a part of. Being spiritual for me, then, is a direct, mystical engagement on an every day level where I perceive the Divine within myself and everything around me and I take that connection with The All That Is in everything as a so-called spiritual reality or experience. 

Please understand that this does not mean I reject religion, the Bible, other sacred texts, use of crystals, medicine bags, tarot cards, chanting, meditation, burning sage, incense and other spiritual practices. I do these things as well and I use them ONLY to enhance my spiritual state that I already practice which is the every day state of being The All That Is in physical form. I perceive myself as “spiritual” as in I am that. 

What being spiritual does for me is provide me with a deeper connection to Spirit, to my soul and the souls of others, dead or alive that I experience the sacred nature of this physical reality and beyond. Again, it does not mean judging religion or other spiritual practices as wrong or false. I am one who has a preference for direct experience and not what a book tells me, not what another tells me or someone dead I have to go through. 


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