Rules And Laws To Approach God

From my experience in being raised in one of the three major religions and having studied and been influenced by the other two, I have been a part of and observed all the rules and laws put forth by the major religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism and I discovered early in my life that all these laws and rules did not get me closer to God. I did find a way to approach God that is very simple and powerful. What is it?

What I discovered was a powerful way to approach God was Love. I let go of all the religious rules and laws I had been taught and approached God by not asking for Love but by giving God my Love, by not praying for favors, things I wanted or better conditions in my life. What I did was thank God for the life I was already created to live and living, to thank God for all that I have had and have now, for all my experiences and all those in my life. Every day I thank God, tell God of my appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness for what I have, what I am experiencing. I do not ask God for anything. I do not pray to God. I just express my Love Of God. What did I find in Loving God and thanking God?

What I found in Loving God and thanking God was that God Loved me back and thanked me. I also changed God’s name. I no longer call God “God.” I call God The All That Is, The Infinite Creator. In case you want to know how The All That Is responds to me, I will tell you. As I Love and thank The All That Is for everything that IS ALREADY IN MY LIFE, I receive more of what I am thankful for. I am happy with what I have manifested and more of that is manifested in my life. This includes everything physical from money and food as well as non-physical things from Love to happiness.

This is a simple way of approaching The All That Is. Loving, appreciating, being grateful for and
thanking The All That Is for what you have even when you don’t have it yet. I found that The All That Is exists in a now consciousness and not in a past or future consciousness. When you thank The All That Is, give thanks for what you have and don’t have yet NOW. There is no such thing as don’t have yet. All your desires are in your energy field NOW, waiting for YOU to bless their manifestation. So, go bless!!!


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