My Sacred Vision Oracle For Humanity

My sacred vision oracle wheel engendered by my Sacred Self That I feel is for humanity as a whole is harmony, beauty, responsibility, Spirit and legacy. What does this mean?

This oracle from Spirit is a direct communication from Spirit that clarifies what I am doing now on Earth. What I am here doing is sowing seeds of harmony, beauty, responsibility, Spirit and legacy that the human race may know that they too can have and engender these aspects for and in themselves. I realize that this is not for myself alone. These qualities are for every human to both practice and be. What are the actionable steps of these visions of my Sacred Self that can be useful to others?

1. Harmony - Music - The Creation. “Find the secret of meditation and inner harmony by being in an alert stillness.”

2. Beauty - Friendship bundle. “Your stories are constructs of the people you have met along your journey. Ultimately, the grandest and most beautiful is the story of meeting and sharing the journey with a kindred spirit—a true friend.”

3. Responsibility - Close to the heart. “When another invites you in, you enter with openness and compassion. You feel their truth, be it music or ideas. You take responsibility for responding in kind.”

4. Spirit - Pathfinder. “The pathfinder stands in the physical but is overcome with the beauty of Spirit. He offers all of his wisdom to you. Go deeply within to find that blue sky—your center.”

5. Legacy - “You have responsibility—an expected path—but expectations can be broken; your inner child has a chance to reframe inherited pain. Negative genetics wither away in the joy of knowing (with higher awareness) and in new, positive cycles.”

The Sacred Self doesn’t lie. These perceptions are real and are meant, I have found, only for the best. Follow them for your own benefit or not. It’s up to you.


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