My Mantra: “I Am Happy.”

My mantra, from the moment I was born is, “I am happy.” What does this mean?

It means that I am naturally happy from the inside out. Does that mean that I am never sad or depressed. No, it does not mean that. What it means is that my essential nature is happy. It means that I don’t look for happiness from people, in things, situations and experiences because I bring happiness TO people, things and experiences. What happens when I bring happiness to my life is that life brings happiness to me. Now, please understand that I am human and I face disappointment. It’s a fact of life no matter how much happiness I bring to life. So, what is the end game here?

The end game here is that no matter life’s vicissitudes, no matter the disappointments, I never lose hope because the meaning of life IS happiness even in the sadness. I like to see life as “bittersweet” at times. It can be bitter at times but it still is sweet. It does not make me bitter, it makes me better. I grow from disappointments, I become stronger, more flexible, more resilient, more entrenched in my happiness. It is also called the “abundance mindset” where, no matter what happens, there will be another opportunity. Always. If not this opportunity, then, another one will appear. I am sure of it and that’s my happiness.

In an environment of so many naysayers in our world, I don’t say “nay.” I say “yay.”


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