My Beingness Is Present And Accounted For

As a Cosmic Beingness, I am integrally involved in all aspects of the expansion of this Universe to a higher level of consciousness as a member of the Galactic Federation Of Light. I know this sounds esoteric and I can only assert that I am experiencing this now. I am an ambassador for the SubLogos of this Universe and I have incarnated on Earth to assist, not only the Earth but this Solar System, this Galaxy and this Universe to expand its consciousness to a higher level. In coming to and accepting the realization of who and what I am, it has been like eating a thick piece of steak with no bone in it and digesting so much meat although the meat is tender and delicious, there’s just a lot here to digest.  Why does this matter to you?

That I am a Cosmic Beingness On Earth at this time matters to you because I am not the only one of my kind here. There are many of us who support the “We.” This means that you too are a part of this great shift to higher consciousness and my question to you is, what part are you playing in it? Do you know? Are you even aware that this is happening? Do you care? Does this have any importance to you?

If this is all new to you, may I suggest you find out more about this because it is effecting you as you are part of the “We” or collective consciousness that is being asked to shift to a higher level of consciousness. If this is not important to you, it’s OK. Just understand that Earth will no longer be a comfortable home for you. We are heading to being a planet of enlightenment and if you refuse to raise your consciousness you will find yourself no longer involved with Earth. There is nothing bad about this. Everyone goes to where they are comfortable. You will go to a planet where there is the level of consciousness you prefer until you are ready to shift higher. The All That Is, The Infinite Creator is a beneficent Beingness. It does not force you to change but change you will.

The Earth is changing for the better. You either change with it or not.


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