Knowing The Path Vs Walking The Path

From working on expanding my own consciousness over many years, I have seen my growth from intellectualizing, that is so-called knowing my soul path, my spiritual path to walking my soul path. What is the difference between knowing the path and walking the path?

From having transitioned myself from knowing the path to walking the path, knowing the path is the ideation of a soul path where one has been counseled by spiritual teachers, read books, learned mantras, etc. and has ideas and knowledge about the soul path but is not actually on the soul path as in one is only thinking it. Walking one’s soul path is functioning in it, having a direct, mystical experience in Being it. How can we tell the difference?

For me, the differences between knowing the path and walking the path are that when you are walking your path you function with Spirit in being able to talk with it, be guided by it. Talking with Spirit is being able to see  and hear Spirit’s messages and guidance in all things that the reality we live in is intelligent and alive. For example, when you are out and about, seeing a hawk fly in your direction multiple times. When you are walking the path, you see that the hawk is a messenger of Great Spirit telling you that an important message awaits you. You don’t see hawk’s presence in your field of reality as coincidental especially when it occurs multiple times. Another example is being out in nature and encountering the “Associates,” invisible beings (invisible forces that know and like you) that a seer like me can see with his own eyes and is glad to see as they have come out to greet me. If you are just in a knowing the path phase, the “Associates” will scare the hell out of you. Knowing the path is not a doing, it is a thinking. I believe that there must come a point when one goes from knowing the path to walking the path because if you just stay in the knowing the path phase, you are simply a dilettante or hobbyist.

There is much more to walking the path and suffice it to say that walking the path is functioning in a non-ordinary reality while knowing the path is akin to having studied it and having no direct experience on it, with it, in it. When you walk the soul path, the spiritual path, you are it.


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