Human Powers

From my experience, we humans have powers. In many instances, I have witnessed that most humans are not aware of these powers and I have found that using these powers are not only conducive to awakening, they are also necessary for a happy and balanced life. What are these powers? I am inspired by these ideas from “The 5 Powers” in the Beginner’s Mind section of the September issue of Lion’s Roar magazine and quote from the article.

Also known as the five strengths, the five powers are:

1. Faith

2. Energy

3. Mindfulness

4. Concentration

5. Wisdom

As the article goes on to say, “The five powers work in sequence: faith in the dharma creates energy, which in turn makes it possible to be mindful. Mindfulness leads to deep concentration, which finally gives rise to wisdom.”

“They are called powerful because they master their opposites. Faith controls doubt; energy controls laziness; mindfulness controls heedlessness; concentration controls distraction, and wisdom (or discernment) controls ignorance. When the five powers are well-developed, the mind isn’t bound by these negative energies and understanding and compassion flourish.”

Again, these five powers are available to all human beings. May I encourage you to include them on your wisdom path.


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