Human: 10% Physical, 90% Spirit

I originally come from a Light Realm called the Blue Ray Soul Group which means my dominant form is not a physical one. I am not human like most humans. I am able to come into physical form of a lower density (human body) in order to be actionable. Since my Beingness is of a Light Realm origin, I am aware that when I am in body, only 10% of me is physical and 90% is Spirit.
What does this mean and why is it important to you?

What it means that only 10% of me is physical and 90% is Spirit is that a large part of my experience while I am in body is NOT’s Spiritual, as in, I am mostly having a non-physical experience and that is my dominant experience. What this means is that the unseen things like my thoughts, emotions, feelings, imagination, psychic experiences are more real and true for me as that is where I live.

It is important to you, my fellow humans, because you are also 90% Spirit but you choose, for the most part, to dismiss or ignore this aspect of yourselves. You dismiss your feelings, thoughts and imagination as “not real” and concern yourself with only the 10% of your reality. It’s OK to enjoy the sense Reality. However, when you focus too much of your energy on the physical part of your experience, you miss out on a giant portion of who and what you are. The reason there is so much depression in humanity is because it ignores and dismisses its Spirit as if it is not real and true.

I am here to tell you from my experience that the Spirit part of you, human, is real and true and for you to have a more rich, meaningful, rewarding and deeper physical experience, you must open yourself to the 90% of you that is not physical, that is Spirit. How do you start to awaken to your greater Self?

You start to awaken to your greater Self by going within through meditation. Go within and silence your mind through breathing meditation or mantra meditation. You can also chant OM which is the sound God makes. All of this and more is a practice that gets you closer to Spirit. When you are close with Spirit while in body, you are living a more true and real experience because you are not ignoring and dismissing an essential aspect of who and what you are. Think of it this way: if you dream, think, daydream, imagine and feel, you are tapping into your non-physical Self. So, why would connecting with Spirit in a real and true way be objectionable?


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