Hello From An Interdimensional Being

From being one, I have to say it’s not easy being an interdimensional Being let alone reveal that you are one. There are many of us out there, some knowing they are interdimensional Beings and some still unconscious of this fact about themselves. Before I explain what an interdimensional Being is and how it feels to be one, the truth is all human beings are interdimensional Beings of a sort with feet in many different dimensions but they are not truly interdimensional. So, what is an interdimensional Being and how does it feel to be one?

An interdimensional Being is a Being who comes from another dimension in which their natural form is not in or of a human body. For example, I am from what I call a Light Realm or a Consciousness much beyond this third dimension and I have come into this 3D human dimension for a constructive mission and purpose.

There are an infinite number of parallel universes that Beings can come from who can and do “take on” a human body and they generally are not the type of human being that you find living on planet Earth right now. While a human being has 12 chakras that are energy vortices and are dimensions built into them that they can access like their 6th chakra which is the psychic or visionary dimension; I am an interdimensional Being who lives with one foot in this 3D Earth dimension and one foot in a dimension way beyond this one. The best way to look at this is to know that I have a higher degree of awareness in that my consciousness has such a high degree of sensitivity that it is “alien” to what the general population’s prevailing conscious experiences. For example, while most of the human population here has some level of empathy, I am an ultra-sensitive, hyper-Empath capable of feeling into everything from people to nature. I exist here as a physical human and there, in the other dimension, as a non-physical consciousness capable of communing with Spirit in a non-ordinary world outside this normal one of our physical senses.

What it feels like to be an interdimensional Being is living two movies at once. One movie is a rom-com and the other is a SciFi action thriller. I am here and I am there. I am capable of bringing back esoteric, Cosmic realities from the other side while also enjoying this side. I can be drinking a cup of coffee while communing with an angel. So, with that being said, I say hello and goodbye at the same time.


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