God...Consciousness And Beingness Of The Infinite Creator

I perceive most of humanity believing and saying that God is “over there” somewhere. How I know this is that I hear many humans saying, “God is in Heaven in the sky,” “You have to go through Jesus to get to God, “ “You have to die to meet God,” “You have to be saved,” etc. All of these pronouncements are lies, false, misguided. How do I know?

I know that God is not “over there” because of my intimate, spiritual connection with God. From my years of connecting with God, I discovered that God is a consciousness and beingness of the Infinite Creator and I am a piece of it and all that I am and all that I am IN is the consciousness and beingness of the Infinite Creator known as manifestation. I live in, I am a part of, the physical and non-physical world around me that is God as consciousness and beingness. Why is this discovery important for you?

This discovery by me that I live in and that I am the consciousness and beingness of of the Infinite Creator is important to YOU because it is no longer an esoteric concept of some being in the sky. God is YOU, God is the flower outside your door, God is your neighbor. We humans and what we live in is the mind and body of God made manifest right here, right now. We are experiencing the sacred, the divine as ourselves and all the material reality we enjoy in this now moment. It’s not some spiritual mumbo jumbo, it’s not religion, it’s not Satan, it’s not evil. It is a real thing we experience as consciousness and beingness that is right in our faces as ourselves and our environment. The implications of this?

The implications of this is that YOU and all that you are in IS the Infinite Creator in a physical guise. This whole world that we are experiencing is sacred and is part of our own manifestation. We are co-creators of it, with it and in it. This answers the riddle of existence. Take it as that.


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