Divine Truth As Knowledge In Action

From my expanding awareness garnered on my current soul path, I perceive my so-called living truth as Cosmic Law emanating as the Infinite Creator's Divine omniscience and energetic omnipresence. I also perceive Universal Love manifesting as Light is Law. My perception sees Intelligent essence of Light in Beingness as the foundation of all matter is Law. What do my perceptions have to do with anything?

What this has to do with is that with my above perceptions, I now accept a substantial responsibility of my place in The All That Is, Infinite Creator Reality. I find that adhering to the above Cosmic Laws is my purpose as a “New Creator” here on Earth as new multiverses (Cosmic Days) are expressed by The All That Is.

The realization I share with you for you to look at in yourself as well is giving less attention to your personality as inhabited by Divine Energy upon the physical planes and considerable more attention to Divine Truth as knowledge in action. What does this mean?

Divine Truth as knowledge in action means functioning in every moment in this actionable Earth plane as a human being who is The All There Is in flesh, in body. It is co-creating your reality with the Divine intent that your are. It is NOT about being egotistical and believing yourself to be better than others. This is a path of humility and Love. To me, this is what it means to be a spiritual human at this time.


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