I discovered, at an early age, the critical role commitment plays in a happier life experience. What do I mean by commitment and why does it contribute to a happier experience in life?

What I mean by commitment is being there for yourself and others without fail. This includes the kind of commitment you give your spouse in a marriage by not cheating on him or her, the kind of commitment you make to your education by finishing college, the kind of commitment you make to lifelong learning by continued training, seminars and reading, the kind of commitment you make to your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical selves to expand their wealth, health and happiness. Commitment is a promise to yourself and others that you make to never waver in support of.

From my experience with making many powerful commitments in my life, they are not easy to make. They take fortitude, loyalty, perseverance and consistency. Making commitments that you keep lead to greater depths of experiences that do not happen when you break your commitments. Now, sometimes in life, commitments that were made must be broken. Perhaps things that you have committed to have not worked out and it may be best for both parties to withdraw their commitment. This is to say that I have found entering into or withdrawing from a commitment must be taken seriously. If you live on the level of making and breaking commitments easily, you will find yourself living more by chance than by choice. The times to make or break a commitment must be looked at with discernment.

I have found that when you live by chance, the winds of fate control you. When you live by choice, you are following your destiny which is far better in my book, for our destiny is what we come here to complete.


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