Being Self-Aware

From my experience with my own self-awareness, a critical aspect of being self-aware is consciously learning from one’s mistakes, seeing mistakes as learning lessons and not repeating the same mistakes over and over again. The biggest breakthrough in self-awareness, I have found, is knowing that you aren’t making mistakes with malicious intent, harming yourself and others. Why is this kind of self-awareness important for a happier life?

The kind of self-awareness I reference above is very important because it means that one is aware enough to see that being human is fallible and we humans are meant to make mistakes. Making mistakes is how humans learn how to mature and grow to become more self-realized beings. To possess the self-knowledge of one’s flaws and one’s strengths is a key ingredient in discovering who one is, why one is here, what one’s mission and purpose is. It helps bring meaning to one’s life and having the perspective that making mistakes is essential to learning is more beneficial to long lasting health and happiness because one can then be more aware of how to respond with greater positivity to life’s pitfalls.

What is the main question to ask yourself when your thoughts, feelings, actions and behavior lead to a so-called mistake? Ask yourself this: How did that work for me and do I want more of that? Please understand that I am talking about normal, constructive thinking here, not destructive thinking although one can think constructively and still make mistakes. What I am aiming for is some truthful self-analysis that leads to more positive self-awareness that one may see how one’s overall behavior affects oneself and others.

I believe that being more self-aware is a preferable state of being to a life of unconscious meanderings. Remember one of the greatest adages of the ages, “Know thyself.”


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