Being One’s Chosen Role With Humility And Love

I have discerned that being my chosen role of a Wisdom Keeper is best applied with humility and Love. Why do I chose to be who and what I am with humility and Love?

I have perceived that being who I am, a Wisdom Keeper, a Being, on a soul path with humility and Love is the best choice I can make because it frees me from the constraints of ego that can hold me fixated in the idea that I am better or greater than others. In being mindfully aware, I see that there is no such thing as being better or greater than another. There is only here and now in my soul path.

The question is, what does the here and now of your soul path feel and look like? Is it important to you to be a Wisdom Keeper, to be mindful and thus more aware of the deeper aspects of life? Are you being a Wisdom Keeper to keep up with the spiritual Joneses? I have found that through living that my soul path is a most important aspect and I do not see it as a more important endeavor than whether others are doing what I am doing or not. I just do it because I love it. It helps me to have an empathic perspective. I don’t know what you use to help yourself and whatever that is, may it be enhancing to your life. I do not judge it. I approach it with humility and Love which means that I am secure within myself, I know who I am and perceive no grievances in how I treat myself and you. You are free to believe what you wish while you are in my domain.

If you are not soulful, if you are not a Wisdom Keeper, be that way with humility and Love.


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