Being Comforted There Is A Being Of Love, Wisdom and Healing On Earth

It took me most of my life to gain awareness of who and what I am: a Being of Love, Wisdom and Healing. I don’t just practice these qualities of my soul, I am them. What does this mean, I am them and what is the relevance of that to you?

When I say that I am Love, Wisdom and Healing, I am asserting my life’s discovery that I am the consciousness of these aspects, I vibrate them, I am the frequency of them. I cannot help but be them. This does not make me perfect. It is what I am and in every moment I am Love, Wisdom and Healing and I bring these values to my daily life and the life of of others.

The relevance of this to you and I is that when you and I bring our higher awarenesses like Love, Wisdom and Healing qualities to each other, we bring comfort to each other, we bring more and higher awareness to each other, we bring hope to each other, we bring the realization that we can be the qualities of Love, Wisdom and Healing to and for each other.

This state of being comforted is extremely important in our world today as many of us feel disconnected from each other and are losing hope in each other. We all have the vibrations of Love, Wisdom and Healing within our frequency field and with some of us, it’s very conscious and with some it’s unconscious. Just know that the qualities above are here for you and you can be them and live them as well.

I encourage you to be Love, Wisdom and Healing in every moment. Your life ripples with this as my life has and does.


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