“When You Are Down, Look Up”

I have found that there are many reasons for humans to be down in the dumps and depressed. Two of the biggest reasons are a lack of seeing and realizing one’s purpose in life and remembering who one really is. How do we humans rise above our often self-imposed darkness to see the beauty of Creation? Here are six keys and other guidance and wisdom from Sacred Vision Oracle Cards.

1. Trust your faith.

2. Recognize your strength.

3. Sing the song line in your heart.

4. Honor rebirth-the constant state of becoming.

5. See beauty.

6. Fear not the dark, for it allows moments of enlightenment.

I encourage you to allow these six keys to unlock your “remembrance of who you are and your life’s purpose and let your passions take flight. Light the fires of passion in your belly and in your heart. Take time to appreciate and enjoy the sweetness of life. When you are down, you may have to look up for inspiration. You may have to look at your life in a new way...”


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