What Is The Void?

From my experience with being in the Void, the Void is not a scary, dark place with nothing in it, although there is an absence of light. On the contrary, the Void is a place that is the unmanifest and a place of infinite potential. It is a tabula rasa on and in which one can paint one’s consciousness or just be in the unmanifest enjoying pure awareness. So, why are people afraid of the Void or the very concept of it?

From my vantage point of being in the Void, I see that people are afraid of it because they perceive it as the unknown. They are afraid of experiencing so-called nothingness because of their deep attachment to that which is manifest, to their attachment to the physical matrix.  We all have an attachment to the physical matrix as we are in a human complex and we don’t have to be beholden to it. We can be in the Void and be comfortable. How do we do that?

You can learn not to fear the Void by closing your eyes and practicing seeing nothing and just being with your awareness WHICH NEVER GOES AWAY!!! In the darkness of nothingness, you will realize that YOU are still here, aware of yourself. So, in a sense, there is no such thing as nothingness. There is only the unmanifest which is not nothing. It is something and in that nothing that is something you can be aware that you are aware.

Finding out you are aware is quite a thing to discover because it helps you to see that there is more than thinking and feeling. There is being. Being is the awareness of Self.


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