The Real “Going Out Of Your Mind”

There is much fear in humanity regarding going insane or what is commonly known as “going out of your mind.” I have found that once I realized, discovered through meditation, contemplation, introspection and concentration the true story of what mind is, there were times I needed to “go out of it” and it didn’t mean losing it. So, what is mind and what is the real “Going out of your mind”?

I discovered through experience that mind is not in my brain. While my brain can store memories, can interpret, can regulate my body, problem solve using mind, codify information among many other amazing functions, it is mainly a receiving station for mind which comes from outside the human body and is picked up, like radio waves, from the Universal mind. Brain and mind are two different things. When I discovered that I had control over what my receiving station brain was picking up as mind, I realized I could go out of my mind, that is, stop what mind activity I did not want to have and remain empty of that mind. What happened when I went out of my mind?

What happened when I stopped my mind and went out of it was that I finally had some peace from all the chatter. I did not become insane or lose my mind. Just the opposite happened. I became more sane because I could quiet, at will, my monkey mind, through meditation, that was receiving and scrambling all kinds of thoughts I did not want and need. I emptied my mind of unwanted thoughts and became more calm, more serene, more balanced, happier and more in control of my own though processes where I became the boss. Are you getting this?

This “going out of your mind” is really a form of mind control, that is, control of your own thoughts so that you can use mind energy for constructive purposes and not just allow any and all thoughts to be received and entertained by you.  When you go out of your mind, you purposely let go of receiving thought. You shut off thought and go into an empty state where you are still aware but there is no thought.

Thoughts don’t have to be aimless. They can be directed and controlled. Our brains are wondrous instruments and they don’t have to be annoying and mindless. You can stop your mind and your brain activity will not stop. You won’t die or become brain dead. You will become brain alive.


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