Stop Worrying, There Is No Death As Has Been Popularized

Death and what it truly is, in the human awareness right now, is a brainwashed version of a funereal reality that is false. I learned that there is no death, no death is inappropriate and you can’t die if your soul has not completed its mission in this lifetime. So, what is the truth and why do I remind you that there is no death?

The truth is that there is no death as we humans are souls having a singular experience in a physical world for the purpose of learning something our souls are in physical reality to learn. Souls don’t die. We can incarnate as we intend and that intention does not follow linear time as linear time is a human belief construct. When the soul is ready to move on from a body, it creates the circumstances of how the soul will leave the body based on the body’s belief system. For example, some people die peacefully and some die horrible deaths. It is no accident how one dies, I have found. How do you want to die? You choose. Choose wisely.

Now, the reason I remind you that there is no death is because most humans have a deep worry about this deep inside their psyche and live life according to this. What this does is make most people fear death instead of seeing death as an ally that assists you through the portal back to your soul dimension which is the real you anyway. Physical life is a computer program that you helped designed so you could have an actionable place to do your soul’s bidding. The soul dimension of everlasting life is the real and true dimension, not the physical one. You should be looking forward to crossing over after death, not fearing it. Death is like dreaming. It is a place that is real.

When you die, you’ll still be you, just without the senses of a body, so stop worrying about dying. Instead, make death your ally and learn how to really live.


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