Stalking Your Thoughts With Discernment

From my life experience, I cannot overemphasize the critical importance of stalking one’s thoughts with a discerning eye. What does it mean, to “stalk” one’s thoughts with a discerning eye?

What it means to “stalk” one’s thoughts with a discerning eye is to be completely vigilant of your every thought, to observe and study them with a critical eye, to watch for thoughts that are your own and those aren’t your own. What do I mean by thoughts that aren’t your own? What I mean by thoughts that aren’t your own are thoughts given to you by your friends, family, books, the media, church, school, government and society that you did not creatively think of yourself, that were fed to you and that are limiting you from becoming the unique thinker you really are, as we all are.

I am encouraging you to watch your own thoughts. What are they? What are you thinking about the most and why? Are you in control of your thoughts or do they control you. Is your thinking mind a hodgepodge of monkey mind meanderings or do you have absolute control of what you want to think?

Why is “stalking” your thoughts with discernment so very critical now? It is very important to “stalk” your thoughts with discernment now because, we as a society, are being more and more thought controlled by others. Most people seem to just parrot back what they’ve heard others tell them from their President to their pastor and they swallow these things that others tell them WITH NO DISCERNMENT, NO CRITICAL EYE!!! This means that most of the humans on Earth are not thinking their own thoughts and are thinking the thoughts of someone else. What this means is that most people are thought slaves and they don’t even know it.

I refuse to be a thought slave. How about you?


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