Restrict Your Reactiveness

I studied and practiced Kabbalah for a year and a half at the Kabbalah Center of Las Vegas. I read many books on Kabbalah including parts of the Zohar. I listened to many lectures from powerful Rabbinic Kabbalists. This mystical side of Judaism changed my life for the better and one of the most life changing practices I learned and continue to do is the restriction of my reactiveness. What is restricting my reactiveness and why do I do it?

Restricting my reactiveness, that is, my ego’s desire to go into attack mode toward myself and others, is the practice of parenting my reactive behavior, that is, holding back my negative behavior towards myself and others. The reason for restricting my reactive behavior, according to Kabbalah, is so that I can be a more clear vessel for the Light, I can draw down more of the Light of God into my being. As I am always practicing being in a loving mood and restricting negative tendencies, I gain a greater and greater light quotient (more light contained in my being, my body) helping me to be closer and closer to the clarity of Spirit, of God.

Restricting one’s reactiveness is an on-going practice and one is never really at the finish line. It’s like pumping iron. Weight training gets you to a certain level of muscular strength and one must continue to work out to maintain this strength otherwise, the muscles can become weak and flabby.

Practicing restriction of reactiveness is a life-long practice and it enhances the human connection with Spirit, with God, from my experience.


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