Love Has No Grievances

With my experience of what humans call true love, I have found that true love has no grievances. Yes, you can manufacture grievances with another through your ego and have your ego battles with another but the ego only knows romantic love, sexual love and not true love. Why does true love have no grievances?

I have experienced that true love has no grievances because true love is unconditional, that is, you don’t have to do anything for me to love you, there are no conditions you need to meet for me to love you. I already know you are imperfect and have have no expectations of you, I just love you. On the level of love that I am talking about there is, of course, a love connection between you and the other and you will still face the vagaries of low-awareness human nature, the vagaries and vicissitudes of ego, Persona and psyche.

Even as you wade through all these hurdles to love in your relationship, when the love is true, there are no grievances. There may be disagreements, disappointments and life’s ups and downs but these life experiences cannot tarnish, cannot tear down the incontrovertible fact that true love has no grievances.

If your loving relationship is conditional and you or your partner are fulfilling expectations and looking for guarantees, if that is the case, I suggest you buy a toaster!


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