Limiting Belief Thinking

From my own work with letting go of limiting beliefs and observing how my mind with its negative self-talk, creates limiting belief thinking, I see this in humans all over the world. I see people living limited lives because they believe what they and others tell them. How does this work?

Whenever your mind tells you anything negative in your inner mind chatter self-talk, it is a moment to stop and examine this voice and ask yourself whether what your negative thought is telling you is true. I am not talking about intuition or sensing or gut feelings. I am talking about when you think things like, “She’ll never go out with me,” or “I”m too old for him” and the list of negative things we tell ourselves that become powerful, ingrained limiting beliefs is uncanny and goes on and on. No wonder so many people suffer from depression. What can we do?

The first thing we can do, from my own experience, is become self aware that we are doing negative limiting belief thinking in the first place. Examine your thoughts and when you tell yourself something that is going to hold you back from a positive experience or is a negative belief you have from childhood or society, ask yourself whether it’s true. I caution you not to trick yourself into rationalizing doing anything harmful to yourself and others. While we want to shake off limiting beliefs, we don’t want to be destructive as it is the antithesis of practicing removing limiting beliefs.

Stalking your mind to really examine your limiting beliefs is a powerful way to unshackle yourself from the prison of a limiting mindset that holds you in the grip of lack consciousness. While limitations are necessary for survival, I am talking about belief systems that hold you back from really enjoying life. For example, why tell yourself, “Nobody loves me,” when you can tell yourself, “I am lovable.”

The practice of changing the internal negative voice of your mind to a positive one is one where constant vigilance, determination and patience are needed. It is a work that you have to dedicate yourself to as limiting beliefs go very deep into the psyche and changing them to positive ones takes consistent effort and repetition. For me, this was, is and will be an on-going process of loving myself and insuring having a life that is happier, more peaceful and joyful.

Just remember the light irradiates and darkness constricts and swallows up.


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