In The 3D Matrix We Must Use Our Will

The 3D Matrix is a dense energy reality and in order to navigate, live in, this reality, one must use one’s will. What does that mean?

Using the human will in this Matrix is the prime key to moving forward and one does this by advocating for one’s self in all aspects of life. For example, one does not accept disrespect from others, one does not accept abuse from others. When I say others, I mean relationships with one’s bank, Lover, society, government, religion, creditor, etc. Most of the people in these institutions are in the Matrix and are unaware that the Matrix has them. They don’t care about anything but survival. Since this seems to be the case, one must use one’s will to awaken these people in the Matrix to do the right thing.

I have experienced doing this and using my will in this Matrix I am in works to help me move forward in my life the way I need to. I don’t practice selfishness so I am not talking about me myself alone. I am talking about being in service to others while using my will to achieve success. I don’t let people block me having what I need. Again, it’s not about what I want, it’s about what I need.

I move through this dense 3D Matrix using my will and this will bends reality to my wishes which I make sure is for the benefit of all.

The benefit of all.


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