I Can Go There AND I can Stop Myself From Going There

Going THERE. What do I mean by going there and how do I stop myself from going there?

What I mean by going there is having thoughts and then feelings that take you to a state like self-pity for example. When you have certain feelings you go to an actual place, a dimension, a vibratory level that is experienced as a state of being. When you go to the place of pity, you are in the low vibratory state of feeling sorry for yourself. This state holds you in a place of lack, of victimhood. It is not an optimal state of being and because I have learned how NOT to go to the place of pity unconsciously and be in a low vibratory state of being, I want to pass on to you how it’s done.

I practice not going to a place by restricting my thoughts of going there when my mind conjures up its desire to go to a low vibratory state such as feeling fear, despair, pity, anger, hate, intolerance, annoyance, etc. I simply don’t let myself go there. I am aware enough to see that my mind wants to take me to a certain emotion and I simply restrict, stop thinking that way and move on to higher vibrating thoughts like love, compassion, kindness, etc. Be patient with yourself when you practice restricting your feelings. It takes time to learn how to control them.

The more I practice the above form of mind control, the more I train my mind to go to feelings of MY choosing. I then no longer let my mind take me to negative feelings and then I no longer know fear, hate, jealousy, envy, intolerance, judgement, etc. They are no longer in my vocabulary of feelings. Please understand that this is not about cutting one’s feelings off. I can still feel a symphony of feelings but I don’t allow myself to INDULGE in negative feelings that bring me down. Life, I have found, is too short to wallow in the mire of low frequency, negative feelings. It’s destructive for everyone concerned.

The next time you have down feelings, allow those feelings, own them for a while, then take constructive action to release the negative and don’t go there for too long. Go to a better place within your storehouse of positive feelings.


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