I Came To Earth ALREADY Unlimited

When I was born on Earth, that is, arrived here, I was already unlimited. What does it mean that I was unlimited and why is it critical to know?

What it means that I arrived on Earth already unlimited is that my true self was not an impeded or broken energy in need of fixing at all. I was NOT born in original sin, I did not need any saving and I did not need to give up my inherent unlimited nature to anyone or thing. I came to Earth as a whole being, capable of living an unlimited life without limiting beliefs. It means that within my capabilities, I can do anything. My so-called socio-economics DON’T determine my life path. My unlimitedness does.

This is critical to know because all humans that come here are unlimited and have forgotten that they are born unlimited because they are soon brainwashed by parental, societal, governmental, educational, political and religious rules and beliefs that tell them they are small, sinners, limited, wrong, in a box, labeled. To live as unlimited is to live with a perspective and a knowing that anything is possible in one’s life and that human potential is unlimited.

This perspective is critical because most of humanity thinks and lives small, lives in limitation as I have observed. Most of humanity accepts their brainwashed thinking and beliefs. Just look around the world at all the judgement, all the ego, all the intolerance, all the hate, all the anger, all the greed, all the murder based on religious beliefs. Many humans believe they are right when they say that their religion is the one true religion and the way others believe is false. That’s a limiting belief system and is in opposition to the truth that humans are not limited beings.

I am not limited and neither is any other human who has come to Earth.


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