I Came Here To Be My Self

I have come to Earth to be my Self. Wait a minute. What does that mean? Aren’t we all here being our Selves? No. Unfortunately for mankind, most of humanity is not being their Selves. What am I experiencing here and what is it’s importance?

When I tell you that I have come to Earth to be my Self; I am telling you of my experience of becoming being my Higher Self in human form, that is, my true nature as the non-ordinary soul/Spirit that is the true me while experiencing the complex of my persona/psyche/ego.

The Importance of being the higher aspect of soul/Spirit while in body is that I connect with and can be all that I am without limitation while having a body experience too. I do not demean the lower self, the ego self and I put my awareness on growing, on expanding the identity of my Higher Self as that is my God Self in its highest realization while I am in human form.

I don’t have to wait to die and go to so-called heaven to be my Higher Self. I can be it now while I am human and have both a human and soul/Spirit experience simultaneously. What this does for me and others is balance my ego and soul in a divine dance of manifestation where I can use both aspects of my complex being to create abundance at the blink of an eye. This is a powerful state of reality. It is real and it is true. I am both my ego self AND my higher self now.


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