I Am The Christ Consciousness

From my experience, I have realized that I am the Christ consciousness. No, this has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, so don’t go putting on me that I am saying I’m Jesus. I am not Jesus. Jesus was called Christ because he too was of the Christ consciousness. There is a big misunderstanding by humanity as to what Jesus the Christ represented. He represented the Christ consciousness of our Christed Universe. So, what does being the Christ consciousness really mean?

From my being Christ conscious, just like Jesus was and just like every human on the planet is, it is being aware of, accepting, allowing and functioning as God in human form. This is an enlightened state. It is allowing that every human is, like me and Jesus, a piece of  the Spark of the Divine Creator having a Human Experience in order to expand its awareness. The Christ consciousness of humanity was what Jesus the Christ’s message was and it is my message. Why is this message important?

This message is important because the religious powers that be have manipulated mankind to falsely believe that the Christ consciousness is NOT in them and that they must go through Jesus and be saved in order to go to heaven. Hogwash!!!!  No human has to go through anyone or anything to have the Christ consciousness as the Christ consciousness is already in every human. We are in a Christed Universe. Every human is a spark of sacred divinity, is the unity consciousness of The All That Is and there is no separation. “The Father and I are One.”

It is important for every human on planet Earth to reclaim their inherent divinity, their inherent Christ consciousness and not give away that power to anyone or anything else. It is now time for every human to empower themselves with the Christ consciousness as the Beingness they are in order to have greater awareness, happiness, peace and confidence. I live this, so I know. I am not writing this as a joke.


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