Humans Invented The “End,” See You In Forever

In my soul’s awareness of reality beyond Earth and human, I know that there is no such thing as the “end.” The “end” was made up by humans to grasp the definition they made up of the creation of linear time on Earth. After Earth life, there is only “now.” The Soul lives in eternity, is infinite and does not know a clock. Clocks are human inventions. You might want to psychoanalyze me and say that the reason I posit there is no “end” is because I am afraid of death. Think again. I have died many times, have been in thousands, maybe millions of bodies across the expanse of the Cosmos and my spiritual journey through infinity and my experience is that existence doesn’t end after you leave a body. If there is no “end,” what is there then?

Many are convinced that there is an afterlife but they never seem to express that if there is an afterlife, mustn’t there be a beforelife? Most humans believe there is a past, present and future based on the invention of linear time yet they refuse to believe that their soul existed before they came into their current body which is before this life. Here’s the true story as I have experienced it: the soul is eternal and there is no end. A human’s true nature is non-physical. This non-physical aspect is what is behind and creates every human. When your soul decides to permanently leave your body, you body ceases to function but YOU continue to exist. That’s right. The lights don’t go out. Surprise! There is no death as we humans know it. There is no “end.” How can this be significant for you?

This is significant for you who believe in the “end” because what you are in body, you will be in Spirit. When you cross over from physical to spiritual, you are still the same, just without the body. This realization can assist you in realizing that being human and expanding your awareness is as important here on Earth as it is after Earth so don’t ignore your spiritual growth as a human.


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