Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Humans, The Great Pretenders

I am human. I was a great pretender and still have some of that misguided energy within me. From that perspective, I perceive that most humans live as great pretenders. What does it mean that humans live as great pretenders and why is it important to understand?

From what I have come to be, I see that humans are still seduced in a way by their natural coming into body and forgetting who they really are. We were supposed to forget who we really are but only up to a point. It is now time to come back to who we really are: souls incarnated to have a human EXPERIENCE!!! Unfortunately, most humans on Earth continue being mesmerized by their human experience and pretending to be human when they are not. It’s OK to have the human experience but stop pretending you are weak and pitiful when you are really all-powerful spirits who can manifest any reality at will. Human souls are all powerful with the ability to mirror the Creator and be Creators in their own right. Humans are Co-creators with The All There Is.

The time has come for humans to stop pretending they are small when they are giants. It is time for humans to own their own power instead of giving it away and being a victim. This is because we are evolving away from the dream of the ego into the more real state of being which is a soulful, heartfelt State.

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