Humans Don’t Own God

From my observation of Christianity and other religions, humans believe they own God. When I say, “Own God,” I mean that humans believe THEIR God, THEIR way of how THEY see God is the only truth and all other ways that humans see God is false. They even believe that if you don’t believe in the way they believe in God, you are going to Hell. They also believe you have to go through Jesus or some other being in order to get to God and that you must be “saved” or follow hundreds of rules in order to go to heaven. My fellow humans, from my experience, no one owns God and there is no true way of knowing God that is more true than any other way. Why is that and how do I know?

I know that no human owns God and that there is no true religion because I am a piece of God in flesh. Being a piece of God in flesh has informed me that God can be perceived in many ways, no one has ownership of God, God is not religious and God is not Christian or anything else. You don’t have to go through Jesus to be saved, there is no hell.

I have found that God is an intelligent force that exists in everything including humans. Religion and owning the concept of God is a human invention and not a God invention. To pronounce that if you’re not in the Christian club and don’t get your Jesus ticket punched means you’re going to Hell is the worst egotistical, judgemental behavior that is blasphemous.

If you want to find God, it is not in religion, it is not going through Jesus, it is not in going to heaven, it is not in excluding anyone from a church club. It is looking within yourself and seeing that God resides inside of you. God is not in the sky, not in the church, not in Jesus. God is in you. You are a piece of God in flesh. To deny this is the true blasphemy.


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