Humans Are The Energy Of Creator, Creation

From my perceptual awareness, I have experienced that human beings ARE Creator, are Creation and are therefore, meant to be creative. What is the significance of this?

What this perception and experience suggests is that humans have the ability to manifest just like Creator Source and we humans are meant to have and use this creative power with impunity. There is nothing any human need do to use this creative ability of Creator within but awake it within, allow, accept, be and function creatively. What does it mean to function creatively and how do you do it to manifest all one’s desires?

To function creatively means to create abundance in all aspects of Earth reality from love to money. Humans can do this easily by using what’s called implicit intent. You simply intend the thing, you beam out that your desire is already manifest, give appreciation, gratitude and thanks with and to The All There Is and forget about it. Let your intention go to work for you in the field of all possibilities.

The greatest key to this truth is that you have to believe it. The reason most humans don’t see manifestation of their intent is that they don’t believe in their ability to manifest. This disbelief comes from a society that is too materialistic and believes there is no Spirit and gives up its power to others as if the answer to their problems is outside themselves in the hands of another. This is a false and limiting belief system.

The Creator and Creation is you human being and you are meant to be creative. Just turn it on and manifest.


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