Humans Are Easily Led

I See that humans are easily led. They are so easy to control. What is it that is being controlled and what can we do to opt out of this control?

What is being controlled is the human persona/psyche/ego. It is being manipulated by those that control the data we humans willing give them about ourselves to shape our thoughts and feelings the way they want them to be for their own purposes, i.e. to win an election, etc. The reason human thought and feeling are so easy to control is because they are agreements, puffs of air, illusions humans hold onto in an effort to remain real to themselves not understanding and not realizing that most of these agreements they make are not true. Most humans don’t have or know what they think or feel as thoughts and feelings are fed to them from birth by parents, teachers, religion, government, media and friends. No one seems to have an original thought or feeling and so in come the propagandists who know what I am referencing above and they market to the persona and manipulate the thoughts and feeling to their persuasion. This is nothing new. It’s amazing that humans still allow themselves to be so easily led against their will. How can we get out of this manipulative matrix?

Good news. If you reading this and it stirs some disgust in you; that’s a start in the right direction. You may also want to stop giving away everything about yourself on all the social media platforms. Also stop being so predictable in your lifestyle that anyone can track you. Start digging deeper into issues by researching what is being sold to you by the government, the banks, religion, teachers, parents, friends, society, etc. Lastly, sit with yourself and ask yourself what you really think and feel about your core beliefs. This will take time because they are very deep. Take the time to review what you think and feel and see what’s yours and what others have given you and make an effort to think and feel what YOU are about, your own unique voice and not the voice of the Matrix.


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