How A Cosmic Shaman Operates

A Cosmic Shaman I am and what are the practical, on the ground, doings, actions of a Being like me? Glad you asked. Let me reveal to you what I do as a Cosmic Shaman.

Like Earthly Shamans, I am a healer but with the Cosmic perspective. What this means is that I trade in the so-called void, the unknown where there exists the infinite potentials of The All There Is. The Cosmic consciousness seems like a place no one wants to tread. I do. In treading the void, I am able to present the Law of One to humanity. The Law of One posits that there is only ONE self here and anything else is a “distortion.”

My job as a Cosmic Shaman is to enhance The All There Is and in doing so on a physical level, in human form, I enhance potentials...all possibilities that others may see that there are infinite possibilities to draw upon in life whether in body or not. This can be seen in the operation of Cosmic Law of which there are an infinite amount. We humans know about 38 of them one of which is Karma or what we often explain as cause and effect. I trade in Cosmic Law as it is absolute and effects everything from Galaxies to ants. As a Karmic Master, I bring to humanity’s attention their ability to respond in any action and to have the ability to maintain the response. What this means is that Karma is a learning tool and not a punishment tool. Humans have the ability to restrict their reactiveness and in so doing, pay heed to the Cosmic Law of Karma which assists in bringing the Cosmos back into balance.

So, my greatest ability and what my Healing ability is is to assist you in bringing yourself back to balance that you may have greater happiness, peace, longevity and self-awareness. If you wish to contact or find me, I’ll be waiting in the void...the place of infinite potentials and possibilities.


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