God Is A Consciousness

I experience God in a direct experience of consciousness and that’s why I don’t call this consciousness “God.” I call the consciousness that is popularly known as God, The All That Is. why?

I call what most people on Earth know as God, The All That Is because the concept of God is loaded with false notions of an old man with a long white beard and long white robe sitting on a throne in heaven located in the sky somewhere. Since I am intimately associated with The All That Is, I can tell you that it is not a thing like a human and has no human representative on Earth as everything on Earth is the consciousness of The All That Is. What do I mean by a consciousness?

When I say The All That Is is a consciousness, I am saying it is a living, infinite, aware energy of Intelligence that exists in all things and all things have this consciousness imbued in them already. The All That Is is the manifest reality we humans know and live in and the unmanifest reality that we aspire to. It is a consciousness that far exceeds man’s consciousness and does not think like man at all. Man appends man-like qualities to The All That Is. How does man get a glimpse of the consciousness of The All That Is?

Man can get a glimpse of the consciousness of The All That Is by looking within himself and looking all around himself as the consciousness of The All That Is is manifested as the reality we humans are experiencing as ourselves and as everything on Earth. You will not find The All That is in the Bible or in a church. You will find The All That Is inside yourself. Go within. Your connection to the All That Is is there within you waiting for you. When The All That Is opens the door of your mind, don’t run and hide. Meet this consciousness face to face and then you will get to know it’s reality.


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