Everything and Everyone Is Sacred

This Earth Experience, from my experience and perception is a sacred experience with everything and everyone here on Earth being sacred. How does my experience and perception inform me of this sacredness and what exactly IS this sacredness?

My experience of the sacred nature of Earth and everything and everyone on it is informed by my intimate association with God consciousness or what is also known as Christ consciousness and the resulting perception that I, along with everything and everyone here on Earth is a piece of God. This God I speak of is a divine presence, a sacred Christ consciousness in every atom, every microbe of everything in Creation. When I say sacred, I mean imbued with that which has living intelligence and awareness that it is part of the energy of the divine intent of infinite love and manifestation. God and God’s Creation is sacred because it is unconditional love and can manifest unlimited realities.

If you don’t perceive unconditional love and the manifestation of unlimited realities as sacred then this information is NOT for you. I speak to those who experience and perceive God as a consciousness beyond the fixed images and beliefs of religious dogma which have nothing to do with the sacred. The Divine is not in religion. It is in everything and everyone on Earth and going into a church or reading the Bible is far from sacred. If you want sacred, improve your landscaping, treat your neighbor to a pie, love yourself or treat the Earth with respect. The sacred is not in Jesus, being saved and going to heaven. The sacred is in YOU.


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