An Abundance Mindset

An abundance mindset. What is it and why is it critical to a happy and successful life?

In using an abundance mindset all my life, it is a mindset where you perceive everything as unlimited in sustenance and supply where if you don’t materialize one thing, you will another. You live your life knowing that the reality of existence is a construct where there is unlimited supply of everything including love, happiness, money, success, peace, kindness, compassion, people, etc. In this mindset you know there is no such thing as scarcity or lack. You realize that lack is a thought and a consciousness and you don’t buy into that. You see that if you don’t get a thing you want today, you will get it tomorrow. Believe it.

This is the ultimate trust in yourself and the nature of reality, of Creation that each human was born with an abundance mindset and simply forgot that they owned this mentality and reality of life to live in unlimited sustenance no matter one’s socio-economics.

I can vouch for an abundance mindset as I live with an abundance mindset. I always know and envision my now, my present as being fully resourced and I project this onto everything including other people. With this mindset, everything I need and want comes to me. You see, Creation is unlimited and we humans are a piece and part of that Creation. So, do Creation!

May I encourage you to adopt the abundance mindset as your way of life to untold riches, happiness, success and confidence. I am not asking you for money, to buy my products, to join my club. I don’t have any of these things. I am simply pointing the way to a reality of abundance you can have through yourself for free!!!


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